Vegetables: Squash

Fall Squash Varieties

Squash - Assorted Fall/Winter Varieties

We have a great variety of Fall/Winter Squash grown at Biglieri Farms in Clements, California....

Squash - Blue Hubbard

Sweet with nutty flesh and a great colorful substitute for pumpkin, butternut squash or even sweet...

Squash - Gold Nugget

Gold Nugget squash is a favorite among winter squash lovers! It's sweet and tender flesh make it...

Mini Squash

Squash - Miniature

Let's take a look at just how adorable this medley of squash is. These miniature delights are eye...

Squash - Prickly Chayote

With a flavor similar to a cucumber, the uses for Prickly Chayote Squash are endless. Chefs will...

Squash - White Acorn

A delicacy when cut in half and baked. Just add some olive oil, salt and pepper!

Zucchini Squash in its shipper case

Squash - Zucchini

These Zucchini Squash coming out of the Central Valley are big and hardy.

Case of Mexican Squash

Squash from Mexico

Grown in Mexico, these may look like a Zuchini but they are virtually seedless and th flesh is...