Vegetables: Potatoes

Potatoes - Baby

Beautiful new crop of colored potatoes coming out of Bakersfield, CA. Great color and size on all...

Malin Sand Land Potatoes

Potatoes - Premium Malin "Sand Land"

Oregon Malin Premium Potatoes are grown in "sand land" which makes the potato conducive to a more...

Potatoes - Russet

Don't miss out on these super clean and hardy Russets from Klamath Falls, Oregon!

Potatoes - White Potato

Beautiful new crop of white potatoes. These are the best potatoes to use in Potato Salad due to...

Red Potatoes

Red Creamer Potatoes

Lovely Red Creamers from Knutzen Farms. Roast these or chop them up in a salad!

Red Potatoes

Red Potatoes

Beautiful Red Potatoes from Knutzen Farms in Chuckanut Valley, these reds are best for roasting as...


Yellow Potatoes

Great looking, high quality Size A's from Knutzen Farms in Washington.