Onions - Oso Sweet

  • Oso Sweet Onions

Butch Hill

Buyers Take:

Originally grown in Chile to sell when Georgia Vidalia Onions were not in season - these Oso Sweets are now grown in the Imperial Valley of CA so they are as fresh as ever!


  • Jan No Availability
  • Feb No Availability
  • Mar No Availability
  • Apr Available Second Half of Month
  • May Available All Month
  • Jun Available All Month
  • Jul Available All Month
  • Aug No Availability
  • Sep Available All Month
  • Oct No Availability
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  • Dec No Availability

This Week's Forecast: Availability is very good and should stay consistent through Summer. Prices may be high as these are the first of the CA-grown Oso's.

Proper Storage:For optimum storage quality, onions must be cured soon after harvest by placing them in a drying room at 20-30°C and 70% relative humidity for 12 to 24 h. Curing decreases the incidence of neck rot, reduces water loss during storage, prevents microbial infection, and is desirable for development of good scale color.