Organics: Apples

Organic Apples

Apples - Sweet Orin

Japanese Apple with sweet, tropical aroma and juicy flesh.

Apples - Braeburn

Very few places do apples like Wenatchee, Washington! Don't miss out on these tasty Braeburns!

Crisp and Sweet Lady Alice Apples

Apples - Lady Alice

A chance-seedling, these Lady Alice Apple's parentage is unknown but their flavor and crispness is...

Gala Apples Organic

Apples - Washington Gala

Fragrant with a mild, sweet flavor and crisp, firm texture! These Apples store very well and are...

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Apples -Lady Sweet

Harmony Orchards is one of the few growers bringing organic Lady Apples into the market place. And...

Honeydew Melons

Honeydew Melon

The favorite of the winter melons! These Organic Honeydew are sweet and large.

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Organic Apple - Ambrosia

This apple was miraculously found on a farmers orchard in British Columbia. They found that the...

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Organic Autumn Glory

Fall Autumn Glory apple is an apple made for the fall. The color resembles the leaves turning and...

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Organic Fuji Apple

This is the bulk organic Fuji Apple bin, it would look great in your store over the fall season....

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Organic Washington Fancy

Organic Fancy Washington apples are exclusively sold here at Shasta, they are pretty exquisite...

Pink Lady Organic Apples

Pink Lady Apples

Grown in Argentina, these organic "Cripps Pink" apples, better known by their trademarked name "...