Tangerine - Honey

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Shasta Produce Buyer
Dominic Andrighetto

Buyers Take:

Honey Tangerines are one of the sweetest citrus' on the market. These are a pretty decent sized loaded with juice.


  • Jan Available All Month
  • Feb Available All Month
  • Mar Available All Month
  • Apr Availabile First Half of Month
  • May No Availability
  • Jun No Availability
  • Jul No Availability
  • Aug No Availability
  • Sep No Availability
  • Oct No Availability
  • Nov No Availability
  • Dec No Availability

This Week's Forecast: Plenty of these left, but they're on the way out frequently. 

 Proper Storage: The recommended conditions for commercial storage of Mandarins are 4.5°C (40°F), 90-95% relative humidity.