Grapes - Cotton Candy


Buyers Take:

As seen on CBS Morning News, we're selling Cotton Candy Grapes through September. We're the exclusive Northern California Distributor to independent grocers and small grocery chains -- so available ONLY through Shasta Produce! Call us today before they run out! Ask for Steve.


  • Jan No Availability
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  • Jul Available Second Half of Month
  • Aug Available All Month
  • Sep Available All Month
  • Oct Availabile First Half of Month
  • Nov No Availability
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WATCH THE CBS THIS MORNING VIDEO (click on "Cotton Candy") Cotton Candy® grapes taste exactly like the pink spun-sugar treat you loved as a kid at the circus—and we mean exactly that!These plump, juicy, all-natural green grapes grown in Bakersfield California from our friends at the Grapery. These unique tasting grapes are one of the newest varieties, and they're one that everyone is excited about.