Garlic - Super Colossal

  • Cloves of Garlic

Lot #26054

Butch Hill

Buyers Take:

Cuts clean with no germination. Strong flavor and big cloves!


  • Jan Available Second Half of Month
  • Feb Available All Month
  • Mar Available All Month
  • Apr Available All Month
  • May Available All Month
  • Jun No Availability
  • Jul No Availability
  • Aug No Availability
  • Sep No Availability
  • Oct No Availability
  • Nov No Availability
  • Dec No Availability

This Week's Forecast: Argentine garlic will be available until late spring and prices are in the mid $60's range. You can expect this for the rest of the week.

Proper Storage:Store unpeeled heads of garlic in an open container in a cool, dry place away from other foods. Do not refrigerate or freeze unpeeled garlic. Properly stored garlic can keep up to three months