Persimmons - Fuyu

  • Fuyu Persimmons

Domenic Andrighetto
They have a squat and rounded beefsteak tomato-like shape.

Buyers Take:

Literally named "Food of the Gods" in Latin - these Fuyu Persimmons have a great color and a mysterious taste that is described as a blend of mango, papaya and nectarine!


  • Jan Available All Month
  • Feb Available All Month
  • Mar Available All Month
  • Apr No Availability
  • May No Availability
  • Jun No Availability
  • Jul No Availability
  • Aug Available Second Half of Month
  • Sep No Availability
  • Oct Available All Month
  • Nov Available All Month
  • Dec Available All Month

This Week's Forecast: Expect these Fuyu Persimmons now through winter.

Proper Storage: The recommended conditions for commercial storage of Fuyu Persimmons are 32 °F and 90 to 95% RH, for this particular variety.