Mixed Medley Cherry Tomatoes

  • Cherry Tomatoes Mixed Medley

Lot #36947

Justin Andrighetto
Beautiful color for salads.

Buyers Take:

A great variety of cherry tomatoes from Riverdog Farm including Black Plum, Sun Gold, Sweet 100s, Red Grape, Yellow Grape, Pink Cherry, Indigo Rose and the Gold Nugget. Varying flavors and low acidity make these a great choice!


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This Week's Forecast: Consistent availability over the next 3 months. Prices in the low $30's.

Proper Storage:

Optimum Temperature:

Mature Green: 12.5-15°C
Light Red: 10-12.5°C
Firm-ripe: 7-10°C  for 3-5 days


18-21°C at 90-95% Relative Humidity is desired for standard ripening. 14-16°C for slow ripening.