Apricots - Rival

These Rival Apricots from Harmony Orchards are just the right size for eating out of hand. Expect these until Early - Mid August.

Apricots - Ruby Velvets

Apricots - Ruby Velvet

The Velvet Series Apricots were developed and grown by Kingsburg Orchards and lie on the scale between an Aprium and a Plumcot. Some of...


Apricots - Sundrop

A delicious freestone apricot from New Zealand - Sweet and Juicy for eating out of hand or preserving.

Apriums - Black Velvet

A late spring Aprium, these juicy hybrids have the flesh of a plum with the skin and tang of an apricot.

Banana Blossom

Banana Blossom or Banana Flower is a dish popular in Southeast Asian Cuisine. Peel back the tough red leaves to reveal the tender and...

Yellow Bananas


The highest quality bananas on the market. And we have our banana expert John who has over 25 years experience!

Berries - Blackberries

Delicious and sweet Driscoll Blackberries. The finest name in berries.

Berries - Blueberries

Delicious and sweet Driscoll Blueberries. The finest name in berries.

Berries - Raspberries

Delicious and sweet Driscoll's Raspberries. The finest name in berries. These berries are currently coming in from Watsonville, CA!

Berries - Stemmed Strawberries

These Stemmed Strawberries are loaded with vitamin C, folate, fiber, potassium and antioxidants.