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  • Bartlett Pears Grown in America

Chucky Garcia
High Quality Hearty Pears

Buyers Take:

The first pears available each season is the Bartlett, which is typically harvested in August and available until December. The Bartlett is the most commonly grown variety of pear in most countries.


  • Jan No Availability
  • Feb No Availability
  • Mar No Availability
  • Apr No Availability
  • May No Availability
  • Jun No Availability
  • Jul No Availability
  • Aug Available All Month
  • Sep Available Second Half of Month
  • Oct Available All Month
  • Nov Available All Month
  • Dec Available All Month

These classic Bartlett Pears are grown in Oregon at Meyer Orchards. These pears are well-known for their traditional bell shape and green skin that turns yellow after ripening.