Brussels Sprouts

Don't miss these super-fresh Brussels while they're coming in from the Cali Coast!

Jumbo Carrots

Carrots - Jumbo

Freshest, local jumbo carrots coming out of Bakersfield.



Bright white and solid bunches, what we are getting in is nice.

Chinese Long Bean

If you've had sauteed green beans from a Chinese food restaurant, chances are they were these delicate and tender Chinese Long Beans!...

Corn - Bi Color

Uesugi Farm's corn is some of the best in California. This is coming in from the ideal growing region of Gilroy and you can taste the...

Corn - Sweet White

Coachella Valley marks the start of CA corn season! Enjoy this Sweet White corn for the next few months as it will creep up to Gilroy...

Sweet Corn On The Cob

Corn On The Cob

Bi-Color Corn on the Cob is the best of both worlds. A mix of white and yellow kernels on one cob and probably the most popular variety...

Eggplant - Italian

Tender flesh that is rich and creamy in flavor once cooked! This is the quintessential eggplant!

Indian Egglant

Eggplant- Indian

A mild, sweet eggplant with smaller seeds than it's larger variety.

French Green Beans

French Beans

Harvested at their peak, these French Beans come plastic wrapped so freshness is guaranteed. Vivid green color and a mild grassy flavor.