Just in Season

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Apple - Pacific Rose

The Pacific Rose is a mixture of a Gala and a Splendour apple. The Splendour is from New Zealand...

Pink Pearl Apples

Apple-Pink Pearl

The Pink Pearl Apple grown in Washington State, is one of the prettiest fruits in the apple family...

Case of Smitten Apples

Apples - Smitten

4-way cross between a Gala, Braeburn, Falstaff and Fiesta, this apple is full-flavored with a brix...

Gravenstein Apples


These sweet and sharp Gravenstein apples from Sonoma County are crisp and delicious and are the...

Pearl Apples

Apples-Pink Pearl

These sweet but tart Pink Pearl Apples are a delightful color inside and make for great baking or...

Apriums - Black Velvet

A late spring Aprium, these juicy hybrids have the flesh of a plum with the skin and tang of an...

Yellow Bananas


The highest quality bananas on the market. And we have our banana expert John who has over 25...

Cherries - Rainier

A cross between a Bing and a Van Cherry, these Rainier Cherries have a high brix content and tons...

Cherries - Red

These CA-Grown sweet reds will only be here til Mid-Summer!

Red Tulare Cherries


Grown in California, these Tulare Cherries are mid-season moderately large heart shaped fruit with...

Clementines Grown in Peru

Clementines - Peru

Clementine is a hybrid fruit - a cross between a mandarin orange and a sweet orange. The miniature...

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Extra Fancy Jonathan Apple

The Jonathan Apple is petite and tough. The skin is very beautiful with paterns in shades of red, a...

Grapes - Cotton Candy

As seen on CBS Morning News, we're selling Cotton Candy Grapes through September. We're the...

Green Seedless Grapes

Grapes - Gold 'N Sweet

When you see the Sunview label - you know you're getting the sweetest grape out there!

Grapes - Passion Fire

Floods and Droughts in CA couldn't keep Giumarra Vineyards from producing this incredibly sweet and...

Grapes - Seedless Red Muscat

These Italian grapes are coming in from Chile! Muscats are known for their high sugar content and...

Mexican Guava


Apple Guava better known as "Guava". They taste like a cross between a banana and a papaya.

Kiwi Berries

Cousins of the Kiwi Fruit, these exotic gems are sweet as can be and do not have the hairy skin of...


Mandarin - Honey Mandarin

They don't call it the 'Honey' Mandarin for no reason, this citrus is sweet and carries a wonderful...

Mandarins - Gold Nugget

The last of the CA Mandarins before the end of the season - these are sweet, seedless and very easy...

Beautiful Stem and Leaf Murcott Mandarins

Mandarins - Murcott

It doesn't get any better looking than these Stem & Leaf Murcott Mandarins!

Mandarins - Satsuma

Fresh from Terra Bella, CA - don't miss out on these juicy Mandarins!

Sweet Mandarins

Mandarins - Sweet

These Sweet Mandarins are a combination of a Murcott and Page Tangelo. Unique, sweet and seedless!

Melons - Mini Watermelon

Sweet and seedless. These Watermelon are as good as it gets!

Moro Blood Oranges

Moro Blood Orange

Blood Oranges are in for the New Years celebration and they are looking great. They're medium in...

Juicy Redless Grapes

Muscat Seedless Grapes

Red Seedless Muscat Grapes are aromatic and deliciously sweet. Perfect to enjoy with sharp cheese.

Nectarines - Honey Haven

These very special Honey Havens are coming in from Pence Orchards in Washington. These Hand-Packed...

Honey May Nectarines

Nectarines-Honey May

Honey May is one of the earliest yellow nectarines grown in California.

Oranges - Cara Cara

A sub-acid, super sweet navel, the Cara Cara has a unique pink flesh and a mild, sweet flavor.

Peaches - Princess

Burt Pence and his amazing orchards in Wapato, WA have been churning out amazing peaches for years...

Snow Angel White Peaches

Peaches - White Snow Angel

First of the California peach season, these white peaches have a cling-stone and firm sweet flesh...

Peaches - Yellow

This peach is classified as a traditional "true" yellow peach, meaning it exudes a classic peach...

Asian Pears from Chile

Pears - Asian

Grown in Chile, these Asian Pears have a crunchy texture with a creamy white flesh. They're...

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Pears - Bosc

The Bosc Pear is pretty much the most exquisite of the pear family. This pear really takes on it's...

Pears - Comice

Known as the sweetest and juiciest pears around, these are large and have a beautiful red blush.

Concrode Green Pears

Pears - Concorde

A crossbreed of the Comice and Conference pears, The Concorde is known to be a great versatile pear...

Bartlett Pears Grown in America

Pears-Bartlett USA

The first pears available each season is the Bartlett, which is typically harvested in August and...

Pineapple Quince

Pineapple Quince

Pineapple Quince is a delicious fibrous fruit, a lot like an apple, however not as sweet. Quince is...


100% Hawaiian Grown, Dole Pineapples are freshly harvested on the Island of Oahu.

Larry Ann Plums

Plums - Larry Ann

This American plum with orange flesh is firm, juicy, sweet and very aromatic!

Pluot - Red Phoenix

These Pluots coming from Mike Jackson's Farms are very similar to their classic Dino Egg pluot....

Pluots - Autumn Honey

One of the last late summer Pluots to come out of Kingsburg Orchards! Don't miss out on the last of...

Pluots - Dino Egg

From the heart of San Joaquin valley come the famous Dino Egg Pluot from Jackson Farms. Sweet and...

Pluots - Silver Phoenix

Another Phoenix variety pluot from Dino Brand - these are the first of the season and they are as...

Sunshine Raspberries

Raspberry - Sunshine

The Sunshine berry is great for snacking and using as a garnish as it is ripe in gold and red tie...

Rio Star Grapefruit

The sweet and bold flavor of these Rio Star's from Texas are a must have!

Green Seedless Grapes

Seedless Pristine Grapes

Green seedless grapes are most often eaten raw out-of-hand, but they also make excellent juice and...

California Gold Apricots

Spring Gold Apricots

Flavor Farmer brand apricots have an appetizing appearance and sweet aroma you expect from fresh,...

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Tangerine - Honey

Honey Tangerines are one of the sweetest citrus' on the market. These are a pretty decent sized...

Thomson Seedless Grapes

Thomson Seedless Grapes

Thomson Seedless Grapes have a golden complexion and are sweet and petite. They're really are a...

Watermelon - Red Seedless

The quintessential summer fruit is back and fresh from West Sacramento. Though the variety is "...

Yellow Apricots

Rich in color and great flavor. And they are available for the next couple of weeks, shipping from...